Marketing agencies are experiencing an increased demand for specific marketing services online. Here is the top tools and programs for channel marketing to enable you to become a leading player in your field and conquer the major issues that will arise in 2021.

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Marketing agencies have to face:

We identified these :

Managing the complexity of different channels and campaigns

  1. Finding it difficult to write reports on numerous social media platforms
  2. In meeting higher expectations of customers;
  3. Insufficient time to collect data from diverse sources
  4. Analyzing and monitoring massive amounts of data can take up precious time.
  5. Marketing channel strategy development;
  6. Finding ways to be different from the rest and make the most impact.

Meanwhile, Forbes listed these pain points:

Engaging customers across a variety of channels;

  1. People are tired of digital ads;
  2. The privacy laws are constantly evolving.
  3. Poor or tone-deaf messages;
  4. Customers who reduce marketing spending;
  5. Lack of creativity and discipline.

How to beat them?

The majority of issues have to do with the management of data. The best and most effective solution is to purchase software that will automatize your tasks and gives you instant responses and results.

We’ve assembled the most effective tools in the market today that can provide more than 30 channels, visualize data, aid in design marketing strategies that are that are based on real data, offer insights to learn and plan future campaigns and address the pain issues mentioned above.

What is the right data analytics software to satisfy your requirements? **

Determine if you would like visualization to be among your top priorities.

Simple-to-read reports, in which you are able to look them up and instantly see the way your marketing channels perform are among the things that we will be able to expect in 2021.

Graphs, project charts, maps are hot topics these days, and for a reason. Clients are looking for quick and simple answers. Similar to the answers you receive at the visit of your physician. There is no need for and certainly will not comprehend anything more complicated than ‘You’re healthy, but remember to take your vitamins’ that’s the equivalent of “Your engagement grew by 2.1 percent, but don’t quit posting regularly’ message in the field of marketing.

Customers will appreciate attractive reports that are simple in their design.

  1. The User Interface (UI) Does it simple for you to understand and navigate the software for managing projects from the beginning or do you require millions of tutorials or additional calls to the help desk?

Do not waste your time with something that’s supposed to be saved.

  1. For creative agencies that are more prolific having a good tech support service is one of the top priorities since they may not be well-versed in all the aspects that are technical to the program.
  2. There are a number of channels that the management software is able to support.

What number of pre-built channels do you require? Are they the most popular channels? Do you have to pay an additional fee to get them? Are they simple to set up?

10 of the Best tools for multichannel marketing

Marketing agencies need analytics tools to produce visually appealing and appealing reports to their customers. They must also aid in channel strategy for marketing and managing of multiple client accounts simultaneously; the ability to customize, track campaign performance automated reports, and all the important KPIs and metrics for every marketing channel must be made available to ensure the best workflows.


Whatagraph is a renowned marketing cross-channel reporting tool that allows companies track, evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of marketing channels to teams and customers. Users can easily collect data from all their channels of marketing, produce attractive, interactive reports and easily share them.

Top features:

Custom branding, cross-channel reporting Automated report delivery customized templates, pre-made templates, widgets More than 30 channels, tracking and reporting opportunities, as well as expense tracking, gives an overview of the channels and specific information.

What’s special about this tool:

Interactive data visualization.

Beautifully designed and attractive reports do not just allow continuous monitoring of progress, but also offer the most attractive analysis of data.

Pricing: From EUR99 per month for single marketers up to EUR609per month for larger companies with specific requirements to monitor marketing data and reporting.

Get a 7-day free trial **here. **


a reporting automation tool that helps digital marketers pull all their PPC, Off-page, and on-page SEO, social and web analytics data into one place including spreadsheets and data visualization platforms for reporting and analysis.

Top features:

Business intelligence reports, data presentation, automatization and scheduling, AdWords Search engine marketing, as well as data mining are just a few areas of the expertise of.

What’s special about this tool:

User-friendly interface.

Pricing: is contingent on what type that source of Supermetrics you’ll be connecting with. Prices range between $11.99/month from to monthly.

Get a 14-day free trial here.

Sprout Social

It’s a useful tool when creating a marketing channel strategy as Sprout Social offers deep social media listening and analytics, social management, customer care and advocacy solutions.

Top features:

Analytics, engagement, publishing and CRM monitoring. Content scheduler across all social channels, brand customisation and reporting on channel data.

What’s special about this management software:

It is the Sprout Social’s Smart inbox that collects all messages that are sent to social accounts into one location to make it easier for administration of customer service.

Pricing: starting at $89 per month for a standard plan up to $249 per month for an advanced plan.

Get a 30-day free trial here.


  • a social media management platform for web and mobile that allows you to see content from multiple networks at the same time, schedule posts, manage teams, and view analytics to improve your content strategy and channel marketing.

Top features:

Social analytics, report customization, post performance, social measurement, traffic monitoring, audience engagement analysis, brand monitoring, and follower analysis.

What’s special about this project management tool:

Members of teams can make postings and handle accounts, without needing an account’s owner share access to social media.

Pricing: Starting at $49/month you’ll get professional plans, starting at $129 per month – team plan, and for $599 for a month, a business package.

Get a free plan here.


  • an all-in-one reporting, call tracking and call monitoring solution for tracking pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, AdWords, and more for digital marketing agencies. The platform comes with tools to assist with PPC reporting budget monitoring calling tracking, monitoring campaigns SEO reports and many more.

Top features include:

The platform includes tools to assist with PPC reporting as well as budget monitoring, campaign monitoring, call tracking SEO reporting.

What’s special about this online project management tool:

Marketing management tools typically do not include the capability of monitoring budgets however, NinjaCat is the only one the way it can do this.

Pricing:  available upon request.


a flexible end-to-end marketing analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketing teams to make better decisions faster and improve performance across all campaigns and develop a better marketing strategy.

Top features:

Customizable reports and data visualization and performance metrics, as well as API integrations from third parties, as well as data management.

What’s special about this tool:

It allows you to manage work and schedule tasks.

Pricing:  available upon request.

Tableau software

  • an interactive, self-service reporting and analytics tool that enables faculty and staff to integrate and combine data from multiple sources into visualizations.

Top features:

Maps Mobile View, Maps and in-memory information visualization, data, servers management.

What’s special about this tool:

Its primary focus is security. Tableau offers the highest-quality security and governance systems to ensure your data is safe, even when your business expands analytics.

Pricing: depends on the number of licenses you need. Varies from $40 to $840.

Get a 14-day free trial here.


a marketing intelligence platform that transforms the way marketers optimize their marketing performance, business impact, and customer loyalty. It also allows you to analyze website traffic and provide an insight into what content was viewed by the intended public.

Top features:
Fastly available insights and visualizations Cross-channel visibility, management of data Reporting and monitoring API, KPI customization.

What’s special about this tool:

SmartLenses AI-powered dashboards that can be accessed with one click automate the setup of KPIs and data modeling from the most important channels.

Pricing:  available upon request.


  • provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities that include SEO, social and PPC reporting, automated order entry, set up and approval workflows, marketing performance analysis and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations.

Top features:

Management of marketing performance and analysis creating interactive report and presentation.

What’s special about this tool:

TapClicks provides predictive analytics to assist marketers in forecasting campaign outcomes.

Pricing:  available upon request.


–  tool that helps you explore, share, and visualize your company’s data so that you can make better business decisions.

Top features:

Work management, collaboration, project and task management, visualization, fully customizable, browser-based interface.

What’s special about this tool:

A modern integrated development environment (IDE) for agile development.

Pricing: available upon request.


These 10 project management for marketing tools can help creative teams in their daily workflow management. Select your preferred software with care and take advantage of the free tours offered by many of these brands provide!

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