Xbox Game Took Too Long To Start Error. How to Fix?

Although every gamer is a fervent fan of the Xbox however, there are times when the flaws that this console displays can be more than annoying and irritating. Sometimes, it can be slow, while at other times, the controller begins to blink. The most irritating of them is the “Xbox game was delayed to begin since it interrupts the game and locating the solution to this issue is a difficult task. if;

In this article I will provide you with the various solutions that can be used to fix this error if too, have encountered this problem. If you’re experiencing this issue and your Xbox one due to some reason was slow to begin take a look at these suggestions so that your huge issue will be solved.


What Is The ‘Xbox Game Took Too Long To Start Error’

Do you have an Xbox display an Xbox one game was taking too long to start? This is an issue that requires more than simply diagnosing the issue. It is evident that knowing the root of the issue is needed. But, if you’re Xbox one, for whatever reason, was slow to start it is possible that the list of causes could be endless. If you’re getting this error, then you won’t be able open your games or other applications.

It is true that you have the ability to download an infinite number of games and programs on your Xbox However, there could occur instances where there is an occasional configuration imbalance or you may be running an older version of the software and it is necessary to upgrade. if;

The reasons you’re experiencing this Xbox one that took too long to get started are numerous. Let’s consider some solutions.

Possible Solutions If Your Xbox One Game Takes Too Long To Start

If you are a fan of gaming for a long time, an Xbox is an absolute life-changer. The people who play with it are hooked on the console that keeps gamers on the edge of their seats for a lengthy duration. Like any other device, an Xbox also has its moments of erratic behavior and show certain glitches. Xbox games did not start in time. Error is one of them. This happens if:

Ideally the ideal Error will only occur every now and then and be resolved on its own. However, there are times when it can recur and require more than solving the issue. In this case, you should use some of these methods which can assist you to resolve these issues.

Solution 1- Reset to Factory Settings

When your console displays Xbox one game was taking too long to begin, it could be due to a or other corrupted files. Finding the file that could cause the error will not be a simple task. So the process of a reset or the restoration to factory defaults might be a simple method to fix the issue.

  • Click left on the screen of the “home”to open the”Guide.**

  • ChooseSettings > All Settings > System Settings.

  • Click here to accessConsole details and updates.

  • Click here to select Reset console.**

  • Xbox will now display two choices:Reset and delete everything, and Reset and save my games and apps**. Choose the second option as this will remove all applications you downloaded, ensuring that the corrupted files can be removed. This way your data will be secure and safe.

Another benefit of this method is that you do not need to download all applications and games. However, you must be aware that it is possible that this option may not work and you may need to perform a total reset.

In this case ensure that you make backups, because all your data are likely to be erased and you could lose out many of your information.

Solution 2: Sign Out Of Your Xbox One Profile, And Restart The TV App.

If you’re getting this Xbox Game Took Too Long to Start Error You may be required to sign out and open the TV application again. if;

Click on the “Home” screen.**

  • Account List > Gaming Profile. This option is located in the upper left corner.

Choose your preferred account, then hit the buttonA on the controller.

Select the**Sign Outoption.

After you’ve completed this, open the TV application once more. If you’re Xbox one game takes too long to get started This solution could be the best option for you.

Solution 3- Remove The Corrupted File And Your Xbox Account

If you find that any Xbox one game takes too long to begin, the it is likely that the game’s file is corrupted and this could be the reason for the error. Removal of this file is the solution to your issue. But, you could download them once more – however, this time from a reliable source and network.Before you uninstall, make sure there’s no discs within the tray for disks on the device. Then take these steps:

  1. Go toMy Games & Apps.

  2. Choose the game you believe could be the problem, then hit the Menu Button.**

  3. Choose now the option “Manage Game” from the menu.

  4. Choose the game next time, and then select the option to uninstall it.**

If you’ve saved information from this game I highly recommend that you erase it with the game.

But, you’re not finished yet. The next step is to fix this issue. The only thing you have to do is must delete your Xbox profile today. It is likely that this profile is also corrupted.


  1. Scroll Left on theHome Screen.

  2. Now, Go toSettings > All Settings.

  3. SelectRemove Accounts.

  4. From here, select the account with the issue and take it off.

It may take only a few clicks to delete the account. So, I’d advise you repeat the process until the account is deleted from your console.

After you’ve completed this, your last step is to reboot your consoleto ensure you can activate the setting and changes were made are activated.

Solution 4Change your Location settings

Change some settings here and there, you could have a trial and error approach to resolve the problem. Xbox game did not take long to get started. Every time, gamers have reported that they can change their region on their consoles and it appears to work.

If you wish to alter to change your Xbox One location settings, it is essential to ensure that you have logged into the Xbox One. Once you have signed in to your Xbox One, and next follow these steps:

  • Scroll left to the**home screen > Guide.

  • Settings > All Settings

  • System > Language & Location

Then, choose an alternative location from the options provided. Then, restart to enable the settings you created. This could be one of the most efficient options for you if your Xbox one was slow to start.

Solution 5- Remove and Clear Persistent Storage

It seems that this solution may be extremely rare, but it is a potential solution for your issue. Certain files in this section could get damaged and could be the cause of this error.

Follow these steps to correct this error**

  • Settings > Disc & Blu-ray.

  • Scroll to”Persistent Storage Select the Clear Persistent Storage**.

If you clear the issue, be sure to reboot to confirm that the issue is resolved.

Although there’s no doubt that the Xbox one was slow to start , it can be quite annoying and frustrating because it doesn’t allow you to start applications or games. However, I do hope any of these options will help you, so that you can get the most enjoyment from that fantastic gaming device that you have!

Happy Gaming!

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